Law firms love to say that they're "different" from other firms, because they know that many people have a negative perception of lawyers. These firms will tell you that they give their clients personalized attention and that they try to solve legal disputes cooperatively before resorting to litigation. But there is nothing different about this -- it's just good business practice, because it's what clients expect.

My law practice really is different from the rest. Here's why:

  1. I practice law in Oregon to help people and to do interesting work in a place I love, not primarily to make money. Of course, I am running a business and I need income to keep doing that. But I am not interested in chasing more and more income, high-profile cases, and other trappings of being a "fancy lawyer," and I think it shows in my dealings with people, clients and others alike.

  2. I am a solo lawyer. I am my own paralegal, and my own assistant. When clients deal with this law firm, they always talk directly with me, someone who immediately knows them and their situation.

  3. My practice is virtual. I don't maintain a commercial office, receptionist, art collection, coffee and tea service, etc. I pass my overhead savings on to my clients.

  4. I was trained at a great law school and a very well-respected law firm. I have the background knowledge and expertise to solve a wide range of client problems even without a big firm behind me.

This is simply a better way to deliver legal services. Better for clients, that is, because it's more responsive, more personal, and more affordable.

I concentrate on legal matters in the areas of business (including benefit-corps and non-profits), real estate, estate law (wills, trusts, probate), and family law (conservatorships, guardianships, divorce, adoption, etc). I also take selected tort matters, especially those involving vulnerable road users (eg, bicyclists, pedestrians).


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