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My legal services fall into the following categories. Please visit each page for more details:



If you have questions related to my practice areas, I offer a 45-minute consultation at no charge. My advice will be focused on your legal rights and responsibilities, as well as the practicalities of the situation, and I will give specific recommendations for how to proceed. Where appropriate, I may also provide a price quote for any recommended work.

Consultations are done via phone. I will not be doing in-person meetings so long as the Covid pandemic continues. Contact me here to schedule an appointment. Please enter your full name in the “Name” field.

After a consultation, there is no ongoing client-attorney relationship unless we so agree. In other words, I am not your lawyer simply because we have done a consultation. If you want to proceed with my help after a consultation, we would then need to agree on exactly what I will do for you and how much it will cost.


Fixed-Fee Pricing and Hourly Rates


I offer clients fixed-fee pricing whenever possible. Fixed-fee pricing works best when a legal matter involves a discreet procedure or set of tasks. These I call “predictable matters.” For predictable matters that I commonly do, I have created service packages (“SPs”) with specific, fixed prices. Please see each practice area page for service packages and prices.


If you don’t see a price for the work you want done, I will quote a fixed-fee price before starting work if I think it is a sufficiently predictable matter. Please note that I must assess the facts and circumstances of your particular situation before I can offer you a fixed-fee price.


When a legal matter involves significant uncertainty in the amount of work required to achieve the goal (for example, when dealing with antagonistic opposing parties), hourly billing is the only appropriate method for pricing. These I call “unpredictable matters.” My hourly rate for these matters is $350 for legal work, and $150 for paralegal work.


When a legal matter involves both predictable aspects and unpredictable aspects, I will offer clients fixed-fee pricing for the predictable aspects and hourly pricing for the unpredictable aspects.


Low-Price Guarantee


If you have a cost estimate from a law firm for a specific service (for example, a business purchase), bring it to me and I will beat it. If it is from one of the bigger firms, you might be shocked at how much lower my price is. I will not be undersold!

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